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Contract Killers-SG Junior Team Try-outs
« on: 31 December 2010, 01:23:04 AM »
Contract Killers - SG will be holding 3 Try-out sessions to form an all new Junior Contract Killers - Singapore Paintball Team.

Basic Requirements for this new team are:
- Able to fund for yourself in the sport of paintball
- Able to commit to 1 Year/Season in the team
- Get Planet Eclipse gears, Dye I4 mask
- Have good communication within the team in and out of paintball
- Play in all Legs of the Singapore Paintball Series "Open/Novice Division"
- Team training to be done in Red Dynasty Paintball Park
- Get a minimum of Level 2: Splat Exclusive " Semi Pro" = Etek 3

Optional Requirements:
- Preferably completed National Service or is half way through that phase

Players for the new team will be picked based on but not limited to the above requirements. The new players will also have to attend all 3 try-outs to compete for the top spot in the team.

The current proposed dates for the try-outs are: TBC
1st session = 16th Jan = 9am - 12pm
2nd session = 23rd Jan = 9am - 12pm
3rd session = 30th Jan = 9am - 12pm
Meeting with new members of Contract Killers - Junior = 6th Feb 2011

For all 3 sessions of try-outs, you will get Tips & Tricks from the Main Team so as to prepare yourself for the skirmish at the end of each session. In other words, you will be attending a short clinic followed by a skirmish and then the elimination round which is done by the Main Team.

For all 3 sessions, you are required to pay for your own paints which is a "Rambo Package" which costs S$54 including GST unless you are a Splat Member.

You will need to pay $54 1-2 weeks before the first try-out.

So if you are interested in being part of an incredible journey of your life, RSVP now and PM the organizers your full details:
Full Name as in IC:
Email Add:
Date of Birth:
HP No:
Experience in Paintball:
* please note NOT to post this on the event's WALL!!!*

The organizers for this event are:
Benguin = 97596111 = [email protected] = Vice-captain
Greg = 98711177 = [email protected] = JR Captain
Sham = 90290957 = [email protected] = Captain
Dzul = 92391028 = [email protected] = Team Manager

We hope to hear from you and see you on the field soon!

Please RSVP at the Facebook Event page:

Greg "Garfield" Goana
Contract Killers - Singapore
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