Author Topic: Paintballphotography :-)  (Read 1792 times)

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Paintballphotography :-)
« on: 30 December 2010, 02:50:49 PM »
I thought I would post some of my photos from a variety of paintball events I have attended over the past several years

Best regards,

Gary Baum
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Re: Paintballphotography :-)
« Reply #1 on: 30 December 2010, 03:57:10 PM »

Many thanks Gary for dropping by...

For those that don't know who Gary is here's a bio from his website: houses one of the largest collections of paintball specific photography on the web, and has for nearly a decade. Gary Baum, a photographer based in Southern California, whose photos have appeared in nearly every paintball publication printed today, founded the site. currently staffs over 25 photographers and covers the vast majority of paintball events the world over.

Gary Baum:
Gary Baum has been photographing the sport of paintball since 1986. For over seven years, his photography has appeared in all the major publications through out the world, and has viewed accessed online by a global audience.

Based in Southern California, his experience in paintball has spanned 20 years, and for near a decade has chosen his camera and lens, to honor this passion. He has brought an unbiased eye to the sport covering its many aspects, and has received recognition for his efforts, by more publications than any other active photographer documenting this game. Founding has exposed him as one of the sportsí pioneers.

Singapore's very own Residentevilchef also has his photos featured at


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Re: Paintballphotography :-)
« Reply #2 on: 03 January 2011, 11:04:34 AM »
residentevilchef is a Sinkie???!!!  ahhhaha  I always thought he was from up north.
2 thumbs up for residenevilchef!!!!No make that 2 thumbs and 2 big toes!!!
U rawks!!! ;D
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Re: Paintballphotography :-)
« Reply #3 on: 04 January 2011, 02:07:46 AM »
Wow, it's great to see one of the truest advocate of paintball in this forum. Welcome Gary! Love your work. Even with masks on, the pictures you take still captures the raw emotions of the people in them. Much respect!