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Woodsball/MilSim - Paintball
« on: 30 December 2010, 11:41:46 AM »
Well guys,

If you are into Woodsball and specifically MilSim woodsball then why not try this out!
MilSim Woodsball is no walk in the park or shooting bogies in the backyard.
It takes teamwork, planning, rehearsals and common understanding to fully appreciate this
side of the sport. Average game last around 3hrs and night games will include GPS, NVGs, Navigation,
Maps, IR ID lights and each member has a role to play, be it support, recon or assault.
Although some training is done in Singapore, most games are played in Malaysia and Night games in Western Australia.
You can form your own team to join in the games Or you can join the WolfPack Singapore team,

Night Games

WolfPack Western Australia

WolfPack Singapore

Ops Map

PM me if you are keen.

It's all about fun and games but most importantly, doing as a team!  

WolfPack SG
WolfPack WA
SPAWN (Scenario Paintball And Woodsball Network)

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WolfPack Singapore
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Re: Woodsball/MilSim - Paintball
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Saw yur new camo'ed marker...........nice..
I rigged on an AK-47 X7OG.
See ya soon
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