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About the Paintball Association (Singapore)
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The Formation of Paintball Association (Singapore)  

SINGAPORE (8 June 2007) The Paintball Association (Singapore), PBAS was officially established on 8 June 2007. With increasing popularity of paintball in Asia, the PBAS is formed with the primary objective of promoting and developing paintball as a recreational and competitive sport in Singapore. Paintball was first introduced to Singapore about 10 years ago but the promotion of tournament paintball has been limited with little or no avenue for sport enthusiasts to develop paintball skills and to eventually progress into tournament paintball. With the 5 Man World Cup Asia organized by the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) in 2006 and formation of the Asia Pacific Paintball Federation (APPBF), it is apparent that tournament paintball is a new and uprising sport in Asia.

Recognised by the Singapore Sports Council, paintball is a sport that promotes team building, hones leadership skills and enhances decision making skills amongst its participants. Paintball is a fast growing sport around the world with numerous major leagues such as the National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) in United States and the Millennium Series in Europe. Malaysia Paintball Official Circuit (MPOC) and Malaysia National Paintball League (MY-NPL) are 2 national paintball leagues organized in Malaysia. Participating in the MPOC league is the Red Sevens paintball team, a group of paintball enthusiasts which consists of Singaporeans and Malaysians who are working in Singapore. Formed in 2006, the Red Sevens is by far the first and only paintball team in Singapore. Even with no training resources for tournament paintball in Singapore, the Red Sevens posted an impressive ranking by clinching the 11th position amongst 37 participating teams 3rd Division of the MPOC. The team has set up a team website to share their paintball knowledge with liked-minded devotees. The PBAS applauds their effort in the support of paintball in Singapore and is working with the team to introduce paintball to more Singaporeans.

To develop paintball in Singapore, PBAS will be working with stakeholders in the sport industry such as sports associations, sponsors and paintball field owners to initiate and promote an inaugural paintball tournament in Singapore. The PBAS has been accepted by the APPBF to be their promoting partner for PALS and is working towards to bringing a competition leg to Singapore.

Jane Koh

Paintball Association (Singapore)


Dec 2010.

The former Executive Committee Paintball Association (Singapore) have stepped down from their posts and an Interim Committee has taken over temporary management of the association. While many of the original objectives of the association still apply three years after the formation of PBAS, there are also many areas concerning paintball that the association wishes to address.

The Interim Committee will be meeting with players, industry members, promoters, the Singapore Sports Council and government bodies to discuss how PBAS can assist and help develop paintball in Singapore. Changes to the PBAS Constitution are being recommended to ensure future transparency and good governance of the Paintball Association (Singapore) as well as a new range of objectives.

It is hoped that with the co-operation of all those with vested interests in paintball can contribute to assisting PBAS in meeting both short term and long term objectives.
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