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PBNews Asia - National Capital Paintball League - ACT Australia
« on: 07 December 2011, 06:29:34 PM »
National Capital Paintball League - ACT Australia

Welcome to the NCPL – the National Capital Paintball League. Beginning in 2012, the NCPL will provide the nation’s capital with a high level tournament series.The tournaments will be held at Paintball Sports ACT. This field offers a level, grassed playing field right next to a paved, covered and insulated players area with a fantastic view of all the action. Paintball Sports ACT ran its first tournament in July 2010. Since then, it has continued to run high quality, friendly tournaments. The goal has always been to increase participation in competitive paintball. Entry prices have been kept low, referee numbers high, and a wide variety of top quality paintballs have been offered.The NCPL is the natural evolution of this process. In 2012, rather than offering a series of individual events, Paintball Sports ACT will move to the series format. The NCPL will be a three round series with four divisions. It will be held throughout the year. The tournaments will be split over two weekends. Professional and Semi-professional will play on one weekend, and Amateur and Novice the next.NCPL Division 1 & Division 2 Dates:Rnd 1 - April 14/15Rnd 2 - July 7/8Rnd 3 - Oct 13/14NCPL Divisions 3 & Division 4 Dates:Rnd 1 April 21Rnd 2 July 14Rnd 3 Oct 20Division 1 and 2 will have a similar per day cost to the previous Canberra events. However, despite the similar pricing structure these two divisions will be battling it out for $7500 in prize money. * The 1st place prize in division 1 is five times the entry fee for the tournament!

Source: National Capital Paintball League - ACT Australia