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SPS - Inter-Tertiary Paintball Championships
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In 2011, SPS will be introducing the Inter-Tertiary Paintball Championship (ITPC) 2011, an inaugural tertiary paintball competition that is aim to create awareness and development for the sport of paintball for schools in Singapore. As the most successful paintball organization in Singapore, the SPS continue to explore ways to promote competitive paintball to players of all level.

"Our aim of introducing the ITPC 2011 is to allow more students in Singapore to know more about competitive paintball. Working with tertiary teams will allow the sport to build a good foundation for the sport in years to come" mentioned Ben Seow, Tournament Director of the SPS.

As part of SPS's commitment towards paintball promotion, the SPS will establish a SPS Tertiary Committee comprising of tertiary representatives to oversee the development of the paintball in their respective schools. The Inter-Tertiary Paintball Championship will be an annual paintball event for tertiary players to compete in the sport. Students can represent their respective institution or simply form a team comprising of players from various schools to participate in the competition.

SPS will be on a look out for for school representatives (e.g. students, teachers, management) who are keen to be part of this revolutionary sport! If you or your school is keen to be part of the SPS, please email to [email protected]

ITPC 2011 Leg 1 - 20 February 2011 (Venue: Red Dynasty Paintball Park)

ITPC 2011 Leg 2 - 26 June 2011 (Venue: Red Dynasty Paintball Park)

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