Author Topic: Points of interest - Singapore Arms & Explosives Law  (Read 1893 times)


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Points of interest - Singapore Arms & Explosives Law
« on: 19 December 2010, 09:52:31 PM »
Note: “Arms” includes firearms, airguns, air-pistols, automatic guns, automatic pistols, and gun or any other kind of gun from which any shot, bullet or other missile can be discharged or noxious fumes or noxious substance can be emitted.

No Arms (including Airsoft or BB Guns) or Explosives or Explosive Precursors or any component parts of any Arms or Explosives shall be imported or exported via parcel post.


1 Firearms/Parts of Firearms including magazines
2 Live Bullet/Blank – small calibre for revolver, pistol or rifle
3 Live Bullet/Blank – other than small caliber
4 Air Pistol/Rifle or parts of Air Pistol/Rifle
5 Airsoft Guns/BB Guns
6 Spear Gun/Cross bow
7 Explosive/Blasting cap/Dynamite/Detonators/Det-Cords
8 Fireworks/crackers
9 Spent/empty cartridges, bullets rendered ‘safe’
10 Signal Flares
11 Tear-Gas Spray/Pepper spray
12 Walking Stick with Dagger
13 Industrial Acid/Corrosive Substance
14 Flick knives, gravity knives
15 Whips made from bicycle or motorcycle chains
16 Nanchaku
17 Knuckle Duster
18 Ninja star/Throwing knives
19 Stun Guns/Taser Guns
20 Toy guns which resemble real guns
21 Bullet proof vest
22 Baton/T-baton
23 Night Stick / Truncheon
24 Handcuffs
25 Replica, dummy and model explosives
26 Cornershot devices
27 Lighters shaped like grenade, bullets and firearm