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Paintball Laws in Australia
« on: 27 December 2010, 02:47:13 PM »
Important Disclaimer

The following information has been obtained from various sources, both official and unofficial. This information should be taken as a guide only, as laws and regulations may change at any time. It is vital that you confirm any information with your local firearms registry first before you act on it.

Federal Laws

As of 30/04/2004 it is now legal to import Semiautomatic Paintball markers as well as Pump action ones.

    * You must have a B709A certificate to Import a marker or marker parts.
    * Hoppers are considered Magazines so you need a B709A for them as well.
    * Electric triggers and safety devices are legal providing they meet customs testing.
    * Full Auto and Burst mode are illegal.
    * All markers must have effective trigger guards.
    * Air Systems do not need a B709A, however they must be stamped with Workcover compliance else they cannot be legally filled in Australia.
    * You must still comply with all of your states laws regarding markers.

While on the face of it, it seems easy to import a marker yourself I would strongly advise against it. There are numerous traps for the unwary that will result in your pride and joy being destroyed.

Best way is to import only through a licenced dealer, they know the regulations in detail and will ensure that you receive your marker.
State Legal Min Age    Marker Ownership    Last Updated
ACT    Y    18            No                            2006-03-02    
NSW    Y    16            Semi + Pump            2006-11-15    
NT    N    0            No                            2007-04-24    
QLD    Y    15            Semi + Pump            2005-02-02    
SA    Y    14            Semi + Pump            2004-03-04    
TAS    N    0            No                            2004-03-04    
VIC    Y    18            Semi + Pump            2007-04-24    
WA    Y    12            Semi + Pump            2006-10-08
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Re: Paintball Laws in Australia
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Information about importing paintball markers into Australia (for expats)

Importing Paintball Marker Fact Sheet

Importation of Category A firearms Fact Sheet

Importation of firearms parts and accessories factsheet

State weapons licensing branch contact sheet