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The Empire Strikes Back -KL
« on: 27 December 2010, 09:58:06 AM »
Time   :
Sunday, January 23, 2011 9:00am - 12:00pm
Location:   Tanamera Sg. Buloh
Format: Recballers VS Speedballers (elimination)

Synopsis:   The Dark Lord has returned and he is seeking for VENGEANCE!!!! Beware Master Jedi....The Dark Lord has sent his most powerful Apprentice..Darth Snake
WANTED, 3 EMPIRES(DARTHES) from the dark side need to be eliminated on 23 Jan 2011.
The reason of Elimation: They want to take revenge to the Jedis(The tactical Marker paintball players). And try to conquer the universe in their Dark Side(Speedball Marker players). That's so dangerous that can make our world lose its harmony, peace and love. For the sake or our peaceful Universe, I summon all Jedis to unite once more to eliminate them once and for all. Their revenge will make them lose the battle and put them in humiliation

Disclaimer*D3tC0rd is NOT an EVENT ORGANISER nor I am a businessman that skims off profit for the sake of the community.
I am informing you this message because I am relaying it. So please use it for your pleasure but buyers beware!!
The least is i can help make arrangements from here.
BTW*Engrish is cut and paste flom web****ty....hahhaahaha

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Wish List^^^Zero Hammer kit, Tacamo or Trinity, Ego 11.
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