Author Topic: Paintball Workout - Exercise to become a better paintballers  (Read 1518 times)


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Paintball Workout - Exercise to become a better paintballers
« on: 24 December 2010, 11:00:13 AM »
A day of paintball is a lot of fun, and as a bonus, is also a lot of exercise. Your heart will be pumping, you'll breathe harder, and if you were really active in the game, you'll feel thoroughly exhausted (in a good feeling way) after the day is done. If you want to be the best you can be in this sport, it helps to be in excellent shape. If you want to play harder, faster, and stronger, then you should get fit.

Because some muscles and movements are used in a game of paintball much more than others, some muscle groups are more important than others. An Olympic weightlifter doesn't need to train for endurance, just as a paintballer doesn't need to train for building muscle mass like a professional bodybuilder does. You want to train for functional fitness. You want fitness that will crossover to a game and help you play better.

In this article you will learn what kinds of training methods or areas you should focus on for paintball. Some training methods are more beneficial than others.

While many people seek a chiseled six pack and slim waist for looks, many others underestimate the importance of the core muscles when it comes to athletic performance. Your core provides a foundation, and a strong foundation that will be very helpful on the playing field.

With all the crouching, running, kneeling, and standing up from different positions, having strong legs and great leg endurance is important. When you are behind a bunker, your legs provide a platform for you to take your shots. Whether you are kneeling or standing, or running, you want to condition your legs to become stronger, and have more endurance.

Ever heard of Plyometrics? It is an awesome training method for improving speed, power, and agility. It is a very beneficial form of exercise for all kinds of sports, paintball included.

Upper body strength isn't of huge importance, although you have to be able to carry your paintball gun and move it quickly and easily. Some degree of upper body strength is needed to maneuver and hold your gun. However, the most beneficial training would be one that focuses on building leg and core strength, as well as your agility, explosiveness, and speed.

Weights aren't required for training either. You can do bodyweight exercises and benefit greatly. Because paintball is a sport where you are moving your bodyweight in different ways, doing resistance training that utilizes your own bodyweight makes sense. Theres a huge variety of bodyweight exercises that will develop leg strength and core strength.

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