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Paintball Lingo & Terms
« on: 23 December 2010, 11:12:35 PM »
A list of commonly used terms in paintball - feel free to suggest more to be added to this list...

Barrel Plug - Also referred to as the barrel sock, barrel condom or barrel bag, it is the safety device that slides over the front of the barrel to prevent anyone from being shot by mistake if a player were to accidentally discharge their marker while outside a playing field.

Barrel Sock
- Also referred to as the barrel condom or barrel bag, it is the safety device that slides over the front of the barrel to prevent anyone from being shot by mistake if a player were to accidentally discharge their marker while outside a playing field.

Bonus ball (n)- Hits a player receives after being eliminated, usually while leaving the field of play. A player may receive bonus balls due to the increasingly fast rate of fire of markers in tournament play, walking through a spot another player is shooting, or occasionally by being intentionally shot by an opponent. Sometimes referred to as "Extra Love" and "Bonus Ball loving". These usually happen in tourney setting and also result in penalties; it is also used to prevent Dead Man Walking.

Bounce - Term which signifies when a paintball makes contact with a player but does not break on them. It in turn bounces off of them.

Bunker (n) - A non-natural obstacle on the field of play suitable for use as cover. In wooded play, a bunker may be a large fallen log, a collection of wood, a constructed obstacle of wood, barrels, or other material, or even a dug-out depression in the ground. In speed ball, virtually all objects placed on an otherwise empty grass or dirt field are "bunkers", and in most modern speed ball tournaments, bunkers are inflatable vinyl obstacles (like river rafts with more basic and varied shapes).

Bunker (v) - When a player is behind a bunker, the bunker blocks that player's view of the field in front of him, forcing the player to occasionally look out from behind the bunker (and risk being hit) or rely on teammates to prevent opposing players from advancing through that area. If the teammates are looking the wrong way, or there are no teammates left, an opposing player can often run straight up to the player's bunker without the player seeing him and "bunker" the player by shooting directly over or around the side of the cover.

Camper - A player who does not like to  move on the field, let the other player come to him.

Chop - Sometimes a marker may fire when a paintball has only fed partially into the breech. The force of the bolt of the marker moving forward will then cut the paintball in half inside the marker's chamber, creating a rather unpleasant mess that will prevent the marker from shooting accurately until cleaned. However many high-end markers have 'eyes', technology that prevents the marker from firing until it sees that a ball is completely in the chamber.

Condom - Also referred to as the barrel condom or barrel bag, it is the safety device that slides over the front of the barrel to prevent anyone from being shot by mistake if a player were to accidentally discharge their marker while outside a playing field.

Dead Box
- when a person is shot - this is the are they are instructed to go to while the wait for the game to finish.

Dead Man Talking
- where a person is shot they talk to either marshals or communicate with their own players. In most tournaments this is illegal due to the fact that a player is acting as if he's out only to gain an advantage on the other team or players.

Dead Man Walking
- where a person is shot, but the paint doesn't break. The person pretends he is out, and walks toward their box. He then proceeds to shoot everybody on the other team. In most tournaments this is illegal due to the fact that a player is acting as if he's out only to gain an advantage on the other team or players.

( Anti-Chop Eye(s) ) (n) - An infrared detection system installed on electronic markers. There are two types; break beam and reflective. Break beam incorporates an infrared beam fired across the breech to a sensor. When a ball enters the breech of the marker, it breaks the infrared beam, telling the marker that a ball is ready to be fired. Reflective sends an infrared beam across the breech from one eye. If a ball enters the breech, the infrared beam will be reflected back into the eye, indicating that a ball is ready to be fired. These electronic infrared systems help prevent chopping in markers and help markers reach higher rates of fire consistently.

Flank - A Strategy used in both speedball and woodsball where usually one or two people provide cover fire while other team members move around the sides. Since the opposing force is preoccupied with the people providing cover fire they are usually unaware of the force coming around the side (or even the back side). The opposing force is easily taken out.

Fogged - This term typically refers to a player who's visor has fogged up so badly that they cannot see.

Gogged - An expression denoting that a player has been hit directly in the mask by another player.

Headcheck - A term used to describe the tactic of giving a quick look out from protection to get a better idea of the enemies' position just before shooting. Used often in tournament play seconds before a snapshot.

Hopper - The hopper is simply the magazine for the paintball marker, sizes do vary but the average is about 200 rounds. While some designs utilize a hopper that feeds balls to the gun via gravity placing it directly above the bolt, some other designs use a Hopper built off the side of the marker using a pneumatic system to feed them into the breech of the marker. Other hopper designs are offset to the right or left, or recently set forward and below the barrel. Many hoppers now are mechanical "force feed" hoppers, in which the paint is forcefully fed into the gun by the hopper.

Hoser - A hoser is a player who shoots excessive amounts of paint, leading the bunker he was shooting at to drip paint.

Kamikaze - A player who plays with little regard to being hit for the sole purpose of tagging other players out. An example is a kid who proceeds to sprint down the field, shooting aimlessly at the opposition hoping to get a hit, while taking no cover.

Lit up
- An expression connotating overwhelming victory. It is often used to describe someone who has been marked several times. It can also be used to describe a situation in which an individual or team exercised a great advantage to defeat the other player or team. This is a dangerous practice prevalent in tournament play which results in penalties being issued to the offending team.

Noob - A new player.

One for One - A referee's penalty call in tournament paintball where one player receives a penalty and due to the penalty type, both that player and the closest team mate are removed from the game. It usually occurs when players continue to play after being hit by paint but there are many other reasons why this penalty could be called.

Paint Check - When an official or another player inspects a player for hits. Necessary because hits on hard equipment may not be noticed by the player, and hits that do not leave a mark do not count, so a player may need another person to check to see if a hit broke when it is on an area of the body the player cannot readily see.

Pawn (or Rabbit) - Any player who is often 'used' by the rest of his team in situations where his/her value is less than significant in that particular game. One example is a newer player who is sent to the most 'dangerous' parts of the field in order to simulate what might happen if the rest of the team were to proceed into that part.

Ramping (v)- A feature enabled in many aftermarket electronic marker 'mod boards' that functions as de-facto full-auto; while in ramping mode, pulling the trigger faster than a preset lower limit (typically 5 or more times a second) causes the marker to "ramp" to its maximum preset rate of fire, which can exceed 20 balls per second, or to fire as quickly as the hopper can supply balls to the breech. Many "ramp boards" also incorporate elaborate schemes to conceal this feature from tournament referees, including a simple "panic button" This panic mode is found mainly on cheating boards. The "Panic button" is a trigger press sequence to turn ramping off before a marker can be confiscated and tested, and randomized rate of fire to mask the fact that the trigger activity doesn't match the actual firing of paintballs. In response to the popularity of ramping (and the difficulty of catching violators), some organizations have abandoned a strict semi-auto-only policy and adopted a 15 ball-per-second cap in its place. This allows referees with sound-activated timers to monitor rate of fire during games.

Ref - Short for "Referee".

(n)- In hyperball, speedball, x-ball, and airball a snake is a long, low structure (less then 1 meter/3 feet high) usually located either in the middle or to one or both sides of a field. The snake is a unique setup because it allows a player to advance a considerable distance while still being protected from being hit from most locations on the field.

Snap shooting - is a method, used in paintball, to begin shooting before leaning out from behind a bunker in order to have a better chance of hitting a target. This is a common practice used in tournament play.

- This is yelled by the shooter if s/he holds an upper hand on an opponent within a close range; this is done to give the enemy a chance to surrender without being shot. This rule is widely used amongst many new players and paintball parks.

Tank - This refers to the CO2, Air, or nitrogen cylinders or tanks used to power a paintball gun's ability to fire, in most cases the tank is screwed directly into the marker however, some players use a coiled hose that allows them to carry the tank in another location of their person removing extra weight from the marker.

Wiping - Refers to the illegal act of cleaning off a hit before a referee sees so the player can keep from being eliminated.

Remote - A coiled hose connected to a nipple on a gun which channels CO2 from a tank on the player's harness. Used to prevent being encumbered with a heavy tank affixed to one's gun.

If you have more to be added to this list please make suggestions.
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Re: Paintball Lingo & Terms
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The Equipment

"MARKER" -- Instead of referring to a Paintball "GUN" , it is always referred to as a Paintball MARKER.
Guns Kill, Paintball do not.

Loader - Where you load your paintballs. You can change your loader to feed faster. Just buy a new one.

Forced loader - An electronic loader will force load your balls ;) so that it will exit the marker at a consistent rate

Gravity Loader - a gravity loader depends on how many balls you have ;))and sometime you end up shooting air!! you also cannot shoot upside down or while jumping

Tank- This is used to power you marker. Should be treated with respect because this can be a loose cannon!!!come with carbon fiber , aluminum or stel and in various sizes.

HPA - High pressured Air loaded in your tank. easier to clean your marker.HPA tanks are silver top

CO2 -Carbon Dioxide loaded in your tank. not easier to clean your marker . CO2 tanks are bronze top

Pressure gauge - shows your air or CO2 content. top up if gauge reaches 1mbar or marker shoot erratically

Remote Line - Usually used by woodsballers to remotely feed their markers with air.

Stock trough line(commando) - Usually used by woodsballers that powers their markers using an individual hidden canister(no remoteline)

Safety Switch- Keep this on until the ref says GAME ON

Pod - where you carry your balls(paintballs-- that is)

Harness - Where you carry your pods

Vests -usually used by woodsballers to house their pods, hydration packs, comms and playboy magazine

Mask - Where you protect your face for without it you are not allowed to play or you are nuts

Lens- lens come in clear, smoked, yellow or orange. ensure lens is recommendedby manufaturer. Note to Noobs* do not use your sunglasses in a mask fitted with smoked or tinted lens...................... ??? :-X

Head wrap - Used to protect you exposed forehead from flying paintballs or head shots

gloves- Used to protect your fingers

Elbow and knee pads - Used to protect the human anatomies during diving and sliding

Crotch guard - used to protect the [email protected] this comes from experience.

Protective vests- to protect noobs or girlfriends that are playing paintball for the first time

Barrel - where your paintball exits your marker. you can change the barrel to suit your play. Just buy a new one.comes in several lengths 12"14"16".


Dorito-dorito shaped bunker or a 3D looking triangle.

Stand up/Temple/Maya-it pretty much describes itself, its a tall bunker mainly meant for one person, good for snap shooting, playing it tight or loose this bunker is a good starting bunker for back players.

Brick-this one also describes itself, its a bunker used for crouching, it is shaped like a square, hence the name "brick"

Baby brick-a smaller version of a brick, not seen very much at local fields.

50-the imaginary line that separates the field.Usually for noob or younger players

Flag-the whole shmagilia of speedball, its the main objective and must be captured and brought back to your side, this is also used for woodsball, where the flag needs to be hoisted, won or defended for a certain time period

Front man-off the break the front player trys to get as far as possible up the field.

Mid man-off the break, this player looks for a good spot in the middle, he/she will also fill in for the back or front player if he/she is tagged.

Back man-off the break, this player looks for a good spot in the back and try to shoot down a "lane" that a opposing player cant cross without the risk of getting tagged.

The break- the begining of a speedball game or as soon as the game starts, this is the part of the game where all the players run to there starting bunkers.

Bunkered,bunkering-when the player shoots the opposing player from a very close distance.

GAME ON - Start Shooting!!!!


Speedballer - Competitive paintballer that plays in a field with a competition layout consisting of dorritos, bunkers,snakes.Different jerseys and marker setup.

Woodsballer - Rec or competitive paintballer that playe in natural vegetation or urban setup.Usually Mill-sim and camo set-up

Snake Player - Player that is good playing the snake and keeps playing that position

Zombie -- see dead man walking and dead man talking and Wiping

Darth Sedious or SITH or DARKSIDE -- See Speedballer....hahhahhahaha  joking
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