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Paintball Good Safety Record (Stats)
« on: 23 December 2010, 10:28:52 PM »
NEISS - The National Injury Information Clearinghouse of the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in Washington D. C. has provided injury estimates through use of the National Electronic InjurySurveillance System.

In the number of estimated injuries per 1,000 participants, paintball had the LEAST NUMBER OF INJURIES of all the listed sports. The number of injuries for paintball is less by far than bowling, tennis, archery, basketball, and many other sports.

The government report warns: "CAUTION.  NEISS data and estimates are based on injuries treated in hospital emergency rooms that patients say are related to products. Therefore it is incorrect, when using NEISS data, to say the injuries were caused by the product." That means that the paintball total injuries include all types of injuries, and would include sprained ankles, cuts, heat exhaustion, etc., on and off the playing field, at organized play sites or otherwise, as well as any eye injuries. The estimated figures are calculated using data from a sample of hospitals in the U. S. and its territories. (APG NOV. 2003)

Sports Injuries Report

Yearly injuries per 1000 Participants

Boxing    5.2
Football-Tackle    3.8
Snowboarding    3.8
Ice Hockey    3.7
Snow Skiing    3.0
Soccer    2.4
Softball    2.2
Basketball    1.9
Football-Touch    1.9
Surfing    1.8
Cheerleading    1.7
Water Skiing    1.6
Racquetball    1.5
Martial Arts    1.5
Wresting    1.4
Baseball    1.4
Volleyball    1.3
Mountain Biking    1.2
Tennis    1.1
Ice Skating    1.1
Horseback Riding    1.0
Skateboarding    0.8
Hunting    0.8
Bicycling-BMX    0.8
Running    0.6
Paintball    0.2

Other injuries
LOCATION    Yearly injuries per 1000 Persons
Home    93
Work Place    66
Moving Vehicles    22
Street    19