Author Topic: Contract Killers-SG Sponsorship Announcement  (Read 1412 times)


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Contract Killers-SG Sponsorship Announcement
« on: 23 December 2010, 04:55:17 PM »
Contract Killers-SG is proud to announce that we are the first team in Singapore that will be sponsored by Planet Eclipse and Skirmish Paintball Asia in the 2011 Season.

This is a milestone for Contract Killers-SG as we progress, grow and mature as individual players and as a team. We are excited and honoured that industry leaders in the paintballing world such as Planet Eclipse and Skirmish Paintball Asia has decided to support us in the pursuit of our goals by providing state of the art and modern equipment.

We at the same time, both proud and humbled to have joined the Planet Eclipse's Emortal Army!

The team will be donning the 2011 Planet Eclipse jerseys and pants and will be using the Ego 11 and Geo 2 to aid our quest in fighting for the championship next year.

The Ego11 has been developed and created with the sole intention of giving the modern player the things that they most desire in a modern paintball marker: a smoother shot; a quieter sound signature; outstanding efficiency; unparalleled reliability; simplicity; ergonomics; built-in user adjustability and choice; industry-leading customer service; and, with the addition of a simple kit, 50cal compatibility. All this from a company that - whatever the situation, whatever the occasion - will always have your back.

The Ego11, born of the player.

"Skirmish.Com.My has stock of supplies for paintball  and apparel. Low prices on paintball markers, paintballs, goggles, gear and casual wear. We carry a complete line of paintball markers, paintball goggles, hats, jerseys, paintballs, paintball field gear and accessories for the sport. Planet Eclipse, WDP Angel, Custom Products, VForce, JT USA, Kingman, Tippmann, Dye, Empire, Crossfire, Smart Parts and Worrgames represent just a few of the paintball brands to be found here."