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Contract Killers Achievements/Tournament Results
« on: 23 December 2010, 04:39:47 PM »
Division 4 Mechanical Marker Tournaments

- SPNS 08 Leg 3
11th of 14 teams

- RD5 League
1st of 5 teams

- SPNS 09 Leg 1
2nd of 9 teams

- RD5 League
1st of 5 teams

- SPNS 09 Leg 2
3rd of 13 teams

- RD5 League
3rd of 8 teams

- SPNS 09 Leg 3
2nd of 12 teams

- Paintball World Cup Asia 2009
2nd of 20 teams

- Skirmish Day
28th Mar 2010
1st and 3rd of 4 teams
Division 3 Electronic Marker Tournaments

- PALS Pattaya International Paintball Championships
12th-13th Mar 2010
6th of 7 teams overall

- Sultan of Kedah Cup
Open Division
20th-21st May 2010
9th of 15 teams overall

- Singapore Paintball Series 2010
Open Division
16th-17th Oct 2010
2nd of 5 teams overall

- Paintball World Cup Asia
25th-28th Nov 2010
8th of 32 teams overall
In The Year 2009
- Contract Killers - SG played in an Exhibition "Best of 3" match against Team Kamikazi at Singapore Polytechnic on 8th May 2009.

- Sham aka rocketfingers won the MVP award for SPNS 09 Leg 2.

- Contract Killers - SG and the Team RD Boyz are featured on Mio TV's clips. Showing in all Mcdonalds islandwide.

- Contract Killers - SG are featured on Channel 5's show "[email protected]" together with Team Red West.

- Contract Killers - SG conducted our first ever offical clinic on 13th December 2009 with over 20 participants. Thank You for making it happen.

- Contract Killers - SG conducted our first Mini Paintball Challenge together with Red Dynasty Paintball Park on 13th December 2009 with over 15 participants.
Thank you for making it happen.
In The Year 2010
- Contract Killers - SG participated in PALS Leg 1 in Pattaya, Thailand. Pro Paintball are also supportive enough to loan us 2 Azodin E-markers for the tournament. Thank You Pro Paintball.

- Contract Killers - SG has gotten their team name mentioned on April 2010 issue of Action Pursuit Games Paintball Magazine. A small step it may seem, but it's a huge step for our team. TEAM KILL WIN!!!

- Contract Killers - SG participated in the MPOC Feeder event, Sultan of Kedah Cup, in Alor Star, Malaysia. Team Zoo was supportive of our team and loaned us E-markers to compete with in the tournament. Thank you Team Zoo.

- Contract Killers - SG participated in the Singapore Paintball Series 2010 under Open Division at East Coast Park, Carpark E2. We thank all our supporters who were there to cheer us on!

- Contract Killers - SG is featured on a Paintball Interest Group banner posted at Buona Vista CC Youth Executive Commitee.

- Contract Killers - SG will be participating in the Paintball World Cup Asia 2010 under Division 3. Please show us your support and we hope we will help Singapore bring back the glory again!!

- Contract Killers - SG is featured in a paintball section on the NewPaper.

- Contract Killers - SG will have 2 guest players with us for this year's World Cup Asia and they are:
1) Jordan Toh aka Jor3x
2) Sufyan aka Sofie


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Re: Contract Killers Achievements/Tournament Results
« Reply #1 on: 04 July 2011, 11:04:23 AM »
Congrats to Contract Killers for winning MY-NPL event 3 in KL last weekend. Job well done.