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What is Woodsball?
« on: 21 December 2010, 06:12:21 PM »
What Is Woodsball?
By Alan Kirk, eHow Contributor

If you enjoy playing the game of paintball, Woodsball might be another game that interests you. It is possible you are already playing Woodsball and don't even know it. Woodsball features larger playing fields than paintball, without marked field lines indicating barriers and boundaries. And Woodsball is played outdoor in a field or in the woods, instead of being played in an indoor facility.

 1. Woodsball is a game very similar to recreational paintball, though Woodsball is played on an open field outdoors. The game of Woodsball can be played in several variations, including one where you try to eliminate all the players on the opposing team and another where you try to capture the opposing team's flag. You can also play individually, with the last player remaining being the winner.

2. The playing field in Woodsball is not an organized playing field like it is in paintball. There are no boundary markers, nor is there a map you can use to view the playing field. There also are no elevated walkways that would give you the opportunity to view the entire field, like some paintball fields offer.

3. Weather is a significant factor in the game of Woodsball. It is a good idea to dress in camoflauge based on the type of weather in the area that day. If you are playing on a snow-covered field, dark clothing is not the best idea. Weather conditions can effect the game play as well. You will not get as much distance on your shots if it is cold out, due to the lack of expansion of the carbon dioxide to power the paintballs. If it's raining, it will be hard to see where previous paintballs exploded on obstacles.

Game Length
4. Having a larger playing field helps expand the length of the game. It allows players to find their own natural hiding spots, and the opposition can not count on them being in a specifically marked playing area as in paintball games. Boundaries can be set by using natural boundaries such as rivers and specific tree lines. If you prefer, Woodsball can be played with no boundaries at all, if all players agree.

5. In Woodsball you must learn to make the most of your natural surroundings. Find areas that have natural height advantages over people lower in the playing area. Keep in mind, though, that these should be sheltered locations, or you will be more obvious to your opposition from a distance due to your height. Having a larger area to play in, it is a good idea to remain in motion and choose different locations to hide in. This will allow you to remain covered and scout out a larger area looking for your opposition. Do not count on your opposition coming to you in Woodsball, since the larger territory makes this less common than in traditional paintball.

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Re: What is Woodsball
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Woodsball cater to experienced wargamers that enjoy the thrill of the hunt and squad formed paintball fights.
Especially to those who were from Combat units whom enjoy the dirt, mud and sweat and carrying a modified marker around for several hours.
When I mention several hours it really is SEVERAL HOURS.
The last famed KAJANG SPG Big Game, a bunch of singaporeans went up to immerse themselves with their Malaysian counterparts and the game took 8 hours. There were about 300++ players decked in  full battle gear that includes Camo Jerseys, Tactical boots, radio comms and modified markers.

Woodsball have evolved into a more "scenario event" that includes base capture, Firebase defence, raids, elimination, patrolling and such.

The hardcore woodsballers have evolved into a more deterministic operation, using radio comms, mag-style ball loader, squad formation, night operations,urban close quaters combat and which some would call it mil-sim.

However, these hardcore woodsballers are not stoopid to flash their markers out in the open. ;)

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