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Singapore Paintball Novice Series 2008 - 2009 Events & Results
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Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) 2009

Welcome to the SPNS!

Organized by the Paintball Association of Singapore (PBAS), SPNS is the first and only official paintball tournament held in Singapore. The tournament made its series debut in 2008 and has attracted a total of 15 local-based paintball teams who took part in the three-leg series.

In 2009, the SPNS will take on a new 4-on-4 format or 5-on-5 format. Open for registration to all people residing in Singapore, the SPNS will also be divided into three legs to be held in the months of February, May and October. Teams can either choose to play in any leg or commit themselves to the entire series in which they will accumulate championship points for the Grand Champion award. Each team will comprise a seven-player roster with five first team players and two reserve players. Being a novice tournament, this event will be evenly contested and provide a good platform for participants to understand and appreciate the sport better.

Says Jane Koh, President of the Paintball Association (Singapore) and the Singapore representative in the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) that organized the World Cup Asia 2008, “Paintball is not only an exhilarating sport to play; it is also one which is exciting to watch. With this year’s new format, SPNS will be working towards a proper M5 format in the future.”

The SPNS not only provides an opportunity for like-minded people to come together and pit their paintball skills against each other, it also allows local players to experience playing paintball in a competition format. For the past year, the SPNS has been proven to be a positive channel that helps both the public and paintball enthusiasts to understand the sport better.

With a steady growing awareness of paintball as a lifestyle sports through the tournament and community interaction, the SPNS will continue to its aim to promote the sport actively, as well as serve a good platform to improve and nurture the paintball standards in Singapore.


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SPNS Leg 1 (A NEW BEGINNING...) - 30 March 08
Champion: Redlords
1st Runner Up: PSG Warfreakz

SPNS Leg 2 (PERSEVERE & PREVAIL) - 22 June 08
Champion: PSG Warfreakz
1st Runner Up: Red Shadows
2nd Runner Up: White Death
MVP Award: Thomas Lee

SPNS Leg 3 (THE FINAL SHOWDOWN) - 12 October 08

Champion: Carnage
1st Runner Up: Mid-Life Crusaders
2nd Runner Up: Team Damnation
MVP: Md Faris Bin Md Dawood (Team R.A.G)

Overall Champion SPNS 2008
PSG Warfreakz

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1 Feb 2009 (Red Dynasty Paintball Park) - SPNS Leg 1

Champion - Red West
1st Runner Up - Contract Killers
2nd Runner Up - Dark Militia
Leg 1 MVP - Ng Chee Yong (Kamikaze)
Top Gun - Gerald Lee (Red West)

17 May 2009 (Pasir Ris Park) - SPNS Leg 2
Champion - Red West
1st Runner Up - Five-O
2nd Runner Up - Contract Killers
3rd Runner Up - Dark Militia
Leg 2 MVP - Ilya Shamel (Contract Killers)
Top Gun - Sean Low (Death Mavericks)

18 Oct 2009 (West Coast Park) - SPNS Leg 3

Champion - Dark Militia
1st Runner Up  - Contract Killers
2nd Runner Up - Red West
3rd Runner Up - Five-O
Leg 3 MVP - Tai Jit Wei (Berserkers: Sons of Odin)
Top Gun - Shakil (Contract Killers)

Series Champions 2009 - Red West
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