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Advice for New Players and Parents
« on: 21 December 2010, 03:38:09 PM »
Originally Posted By Blackrain on the TechPB forums:

Paintball is a safe sport. It's a lot safer than others.

As a parent myself of a child that Plays football, Wrestles, Soccer and anything else he can get into, it worries me. So I feel your pain when your child asks can he/she play paintball. I also know the worries of sports.

I am often asked by kids how they can get their parents to let them play?

First thing parents see is a "GUN". No matter what you call it, it is still a gun. "GUN SAFETY" is the first most important thing!

So how bad does your child really want to play? Is He/She ready to sit through a local gun safety class? Are they disciplined enough? If your answer is "no or I don't know" then stop right here and forget they ever asked. Don't even finish reading this post.

Reason being, because you don't know your child well enough they may not act appropriately on a paintball field.

About my child and gun safety.
At 2 yrs he shot his first paintball gun. He is now 21 yrs and still well disciplined with Guns and safety. Yes I can trust him at home when he is by himself.

So if your child is willing to do the gun safety thing,then he's willing to take the next step. You should commit to the same.
1- The gun safety class is out of the way.
2- You too have joined the class to make yourself feel better.

Now it's time to play. You really have to back your child on this. Sometimes it means playing with them. The sensitivity guard has to be dropped once in a while.

Research the local field and prices.
Ask fellow workers if they play or ever played.
Make sure your child gets in a beginners group. That is the most important. You don't want their first day to be their last cause some person decided to use them as cannon fodder.
The internet is also a valuable tool. You come to great places like this and read great post like this Posted Image .

I also see alot of single MOMs show up with their kids. They are lost and afraid for their child.
That's when seasoned players should step up to help. Reasure them their child will be safe. Take one for the team and help the kid out. Any field owner worth their weight in salt should be able to help as well.

Avoid the people that dress in all the "Pro Stuff" with high priced paintball guns, because usually they are not the best players. They recommend the most expensive stuff. You don't want to pinch a penny when it comes to eye protection. This is where your money should be well spent. They shouldn't even be at this level till they have shown you the commitment they really want to play.

But wait their is more."Do not buy the child any gear, marker or paintballs" Use the field rental stuff. Kids change their minds very fast. So don't loose out either. Make them earn the money to play ie wash your car, cut the grass, give them hard chores.

The last thing I would suggest is make them educate you on paintball as well. I would suggest them having a Power Point presentation ready for Friday night. Make them show you how safe it is and what gear is out their. They do teach power point in school. Make them show you what they have learned while researching paintball. You don't want to see high end, make them show you the facts about paintball.

Last but not least if they don't get good grades "NO PASS NO PLAY".

I require my son to hold an A/B average in all subjects or I bench him. Nothing like being at home studying when you should be playing in the big Home Coming game.Oops

Parents your child needs to know that you back he/she in this venture. Show some support and "Take one for the team" and play with them. Posted Image

Alright guys and gals who are parents,please add to this. I know I have missed a few things. I know not all my ideas will be agreed upon, but I didn't write this for debate. I wrote it for parents who are not familiar with paintball. So add constructive reading to this.

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