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Qualities required for good paintball
« on: 21 December 2010, 03:29:12 PM »
Communication - If you want to win games of paintball you have to communicate effectively with the rest of your team. This applies as much to before the game starts to the game in progress. To give you an example, last time we played we had a group of younger players join our group for the afternoon. They were all new to paintball and were relatively young (14-15) and so I asked a couple of my guys to give them a bit of guidance in how to play, strategy and so on. The first couple of games ended in disaster for them because they weren't talking to each other and we ran rings round them. After a couple of games they started to communicate and turned the tables on us. Learning to communicate effectively, especially with a group of strangers, is a vital skill in life and will serve you well both in your education and later your career.
Leadership - If nobody takes charge it's impossible to implement any kind of plan or strategy. When I play with my colleagues I encourage them to take it in turns to organise the team for each game and decide on our strategy. This way they learn to play people to their strengths, consider goals and objectives and take responsibility. Some people find this more difficult than others but in my experience the more people do it, the easier it gets. This translates to a work environment directly and would also be helpful for school/college. There are fewer feelings as satisfying as leading your team to victory! This leads nicely on to...
Planning/Organising - Everything you will ever do in your life will require some degree of planning and the organising of your resources. This is just as true in paintball. The more you play the better you will get at assessing the playing field and determining the most effective strategy for winning. You have to consider the environment, the numbers and skill of your team, the numbers and skill of your opposition, individuals strengths and weaknesses and so on and so on. As a rule having no plan will end in disaster and having a poor plan will end in disaster. Not only does paintball demonstrate the value of planning but it teaches the skill of planning.
Teamwork - This is a no brainer! Sometimes you will get the glory, sometimes you will support other people while they get the glory. To win you need to cooperate with your team mates and work together to achieve the goal (i.e. winning!). There's not much room for lone wolves on the paintball field or the workplace.
Honesty - So you've been hit, the marshals are on the other side of the field and you have a choice, call yourself out or wipe and play on and hope nobody noticed. Everybody has much more fun when they're all being honest and playing fair. It builds character to have to fight the urge to keep playing and to honestly say you are out of the game. Nobody likes a cheater.

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