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Amazing Thailand Action Extreme 2011
« on: 03 May 2011, 12:12:03 AM »

As for our lovely kind in these sports we look forward to grow up...The huge amazing up coming event is...Amazing Thailand Action Extreme 2011

To all the ballers we have good news for you.....

Amazing Thailand, Big Cola and Club 11 invite you to "Amazing Thailand Action Xtrem 2011" paintball tournament Bangkok, Thailand

Division 1 format M5...(For International Team You'll get Free Hotel Rooms and 5 Box of Paints)
Registeration Fee THB 3,000
1st Prize THB 35,000
2nd Prize THB 25,000
3rd Prize THB 15,000
4th THB 8,000

Division 2 format M5
Registeration Fee THB 2,500
1st Prize THB 30,000
2nd Prize THB 20,000
3rd Prize THB 10,000
4th Prize THB 5,000

Division 3 format M5 (Limit 20 teams)
Registeration Fee THB 2,000
1st Prize THB 20,000
2nd Prize THB 15,000
3rd Prize THB 10,000
4th THB 5,000

Paint: THB 1500/box
FREE transportation from hotel to field and hotel rooms

Competitive activity.

Paintball International Championship 2011.
International Airsoft Practical Shooting.
RC Boat Race. Championships in Thailand
3D Archery Competition by Archery Thai.

Show activity.

displaying weapons from the 11th Infantry Regiment.
Demonstration of virtual combat missions Mil Sim.
The display shows and entertainment.
the fair from Shop gun
The exhibition of Supplies Airsoft.
Contest Cosplay.
Contest Miss Xtreme 2011.
Fair and Exhibition on Extreme Sports and P Outdoor Lifestyle.
the fair selling price of P Sponsors.
the fair selling price of P Sponsors.
Jeep antique car show the club Jeep Bunker.
Water and air radio show.

For more information...Please contact...  [email protected]  
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