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Writing a Team Bio & Sponsorship Document
« on: 21 December 2010, 03:09:19 PM »

Tips on how to draft a sponsorship document

1. The Sponsor
Consider who you are approaching for sponsorship - do they know anything about paintball?. If they are a non-paintball related sponsor then you need to include info on paintball/speedball and tournament paintball so they can have a better understanding about the sport and how sponsoring you can benefit them.

2. Be Professional
Simply put keep your document looking clean, check for spelling or grammar errors and make sure information is correct and credited sources. The look of your document is as important as the information it contains.

3. The Sponsor Offer
Consider what the sponsor is offering (if there is one) and what your team offer the sponsor? Is there value for your team in the offer? Do you have the resources to live up to promises made to the sponsor? Often paintball shops will require your team to spend team money to buy X amount of equipment and in return you will be required to commit to playing tournaments and spending money on banners, websites, t-shirts etc, travel, paintball, tourny fees, training. Nothing is for free so discuss with your team the pros and cons of any sponsorship deal before you apply or commit to a deal. Make sure the sponsorship fits in with the plans you have for the team in the future. Often the deal will cost you more money than you think which may be better spent playing more. Remember looking good and having the latest gear does not make you play better. You only get better by training properly and playing as much as you can.

4. Sponsorship basic template:
a. Team History - how you formed, date formed, why you play paintball?
b. Team Logo, Motto, Roster, Photos and Bios - be creative but provide relevant information (often sponsors can use your non-paintball skills/connections so include these)
c. Your goals for the team - future aspirations and plans, which tournaments do you want to compete in, how many per year?
d. What you think you can do or are willing to do for your sponsor. The more you can offer the sponsor the more value the sponsor will see. What you would like in return from the sponsor.
e. Your tournament track record and training schedules
f.  Contact information for Team Manager or contact person

For those they wonder how the hell we ever got sponsored let me just say it certainly wasn't our performance record. We are paintball noobs and will be for some time but luckily our skills outside of paintball and our commitment to training and playing international tournaments means we have marketing value to our sponsors. We formed in late July 08 and have put in many hours behind the scenes formulating marketing plans, team plans and goals for the future. We have had to spend a lot more cash then we ever first thought - probably 5 times the amount then we first estimated so be smart. Unless you have some wealthy benefactor save as much money as possible wherever you can.

If you have a team make sure that your team dynamics are strong, you are confident that all your members can contribute equally to the team both in terms of money and help and you are confident that the leadership group know what they are doing. If you are thinking of forming a team be organised, be ready to spend money and ensure your family is ready for the many weekends that you won't be around. For those not in a team, look for teams to practice with or try out for. Don't just join a team because they ask you - train with them - make sure you all get on first and you have common paintball goals, otherwise you'll be wasting your time and theirs.