Author Topic: Remove unnecessary conditions in the licence to operate a paintball game centre  (Read 1584 times)


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Ministry of Trade and Industry : Response to Feedback

Subject Title: Remove unnecessary conditions in the licence to operate a paintball game centre, PEP Ref: 1759/04/09/2009
Industry: Entertainment, Recreation and Sports
Status: Accepted
Date: 04/09/2009

1. In the licensing conditions for operating a paintball game centre, there is a requirement for the licensee to ensure that there is a barrier dividing the play area so that opposing players will not come into physical contact with one another. However, internationally, there are many ways to play paintball (with or without the divider). For example, in tournament paintball where the opposing teams have to infiltrate into the enemies’ territory to retrieve their flag, the game does not need a divider. In order to adhere to SPF’s condition to maintain a barrier, we are restricted to only 1 way of playing paintball. If we want to play tournament paintball, approval has to be sought on a case-by-case basis from SPF.  

2. In order to play tournament paintball, all players are required to attend the Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) course regardless of whether they are amateurs or have prior experience in tournaments in other countries. Our experience is that some professional players are put off by the need to attend BTO course and would rather not take part in the tournament.

3. The above conditions restrict the growth of this sport in Singapore and even though it is gaining popularity around the world rapidly, we are unable to keep up with the industry’s growth and losing customers and business opportunities to neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Thailand. The operators have every interest to be concerned with the safety of their players since it affects their business and reputation. Hence, the operators are probably the best people to decide on the game format and the steps to be taken in order to qualify for these games. These rules are excessive and should not be part of the licensing requirement.            



1. To remove the condition to have a barrier dividing the play area so that the operator can introduce more ways of playing paintball. The referee is always present to ensure that the rules and safety of the players are not compromised.
2. The operators should have the autonomy to exempt qualified players from the BTO course. After all, we have to ensure that the players are briefed on safety procedures, rules of the game etc. We would hence in our discretion decide who should attend the BTO.

From SPF

I refer to your suggestion “To remove unnecessary conditions in the licence to operate a paintball game centre” (Ref PEP 1759/04/09/2009).
Police have reviewed your suggestion and agree to accede to the removal of the condition for physical barriers to divide the play area.  However, to ensure the safety of all participants, paintball games should continue to be conducted and supervised by referees or safety officers who are familiar with the safety rules.  The changes would be implemented by October 2009
Your other suggestion for operators to have the autonomy to exempt qualified players from the Basic Tournament Orientation (BTO) course requirement, is a requirement set by the Paintball Association Singapore, and not a condition set by the Police.  You may wish to approach the Paintball Association Singapore to address this issue instead.

Thank you for your suggestion.