Author Topic: Advice on what gear to buy - Novice/Intermediate Tournament Players  (Read 1342 times)


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Like any sport, the manufacturers have come up with all sorts of fashion items, gadgets and accessories for paintball. While it all sounds cool it won't make you play like Ollie Lang if you stand around posing all the time.

Here's some extras for those who are playing for teams at tournaments - some are team items and some are items you may want to get yourself...

Team Items:
- Pod Bags or Boxes - store and transport pods (you can buy boxes from Giant or pod bags from paintball shops)
- Paintball Caddy - an easy way to fill pods (Pod Caddy is a brand but I have seen some ingenious home-made paintball caddy's)
- Pod Cleaner - DYI search on YouTube for a few instructions on how to make them, come in handy at tournaments
- Cotton hand cloths - find at any supermarket - always need them for tournaments to clean off paint, sweat and mud
- Water spray bottle - clean off paint hits and your gear at tournaments
- Esky/Ice Box - nothing better than ice cold drinks at tournaments
- Cloth tape and permanent marker - always needed during tournaments for all sorts of purposes
- A4 Clear Covered binder and white board marker - for field plans and working our field strategy with the team

Personal items (Novice/Div 4):
- Barrel Swab for cleaning barrels - buy only good ones because the cheap ones just scratch the inside of your barrels...
- Micro fiber lens cloth - don't scratch your mask lenses using cheap cloth...
- Slider shorts - cushion hips for sliding
- Electronic Hopper - see this as an investment for your future paintball. For mech markers it doesn't make the marker shoot properly but you will be able to hold and shoot the marker at angles that those with gravity hoppers cannot, especially handy when running and bunkering
- Paintball travel bag - most are built to be dragged and thrown around with specialized pockets to store paintball items. Range from larger bags with wheels for rolling to smaller back-pack style day bags for training
- coat hangers / 'S' hooks - hang your gear up at tournaments so it doesn't get damaged and can dry off between games...
- ground mats - keeps your gear dry during SEA monsoons

Personal items (Novice/Div 3+):
- eMarker - need I say more (no you can't buy in Singapore)
- Tank - only needed if you have purchased a marker
- Tool Kit inc. allen keys, adjustable wrench, phillips head screwdriver, dental pick for orings, curved needle nose pliers, lube and gun oil as recommended for your marker, spare parts kit for your marker
- Car GPS (have you ever tried to navigate using a paper map in KL?)
- Marker rack - DYI or buy a branded version
- extra Barrel socks

Items like first aid kits, headache tablets, sun screen, spare batteries, sports energy powder/drinks, water, plastic bags etc are other things you should always have on hand for tournaments...