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PBAS meeting with the Singapore Sports Council
« on: 10 March 2011, 01:53:24 PM »
Thursday March 10th 2010

A meeting was held with representatives of the Singapore Sports Council NSA Performance Management / Sports Development Group to discuss how PBAS can better work towards achieving our short term and long term goals.

- A copy of the existing PBAS constitution and the recommendations for changes to the constitution were presented

- A brief verbal overview was given of the history of the sport in Singapore, it's expansion in the Asian region and the difficulties faced by local players, marshals, promoters and businesses

- A documented history of paintball in Singapore with facts, figures and tournament records of many Singapore teams from 2008 - 2011 was presented to the SSC to show them the development and improvement in participation and the abilities of Singapore teams to excel in the sport

- Copies of Ramped Magazine, Asia Refs Certificates and other Certificates of Recognition from various Malaysian paintball groups were also presented

Topics discussed with the SSC included:
- The status of paintball as a recognised sport in Singapore and why PBAS wants to work towards possible NSA accreditation
- The changes to the PBAS constitution and how PBAS can work towards setting up it's structure to achieve NSA accreditation
- Current laws and their effect on paintball development
- Assistance from the SSC in matters relating to the operation of PBAS and many of the proposed development programs including marshaling, coaching, youth development, CCA's and paintball safety accreditation

From my discussions with the SSC firstly I'd like to clear up some misconceptions circulating around the paintball community:

- Paintball will never be recognised as an 'official sport' nor has it ever been recognised as an 'official sport' in the eyes of the SSC. An official sport in Singapore is one that has NSA status. Having said that, few new sports receive NSA status and to even be considered will take many years of hard work, organisation and co-operation within the paintball community, both locally and internationally. Marshals, coaches and sports administrators can only be given time off work to attend international events if the sports is an NSA accredited sport.

- One major hurdle for paintball to be recognised in Singapore is the fact that there is no International Federation for paintball recognised by the IOC or SportAccord (International Sports Federations)

- Another issue with the SSC is that PBAS must be recognised as the governing body of a minimum of 5 other officially registered groups or associations in Singapore (all who must officially register with the Register of Societies in Singapore) - this can include sports clubs/teams, marshal associations, players associations, industry association etc. The one thing that was made very clear is that the SSC do not want to see rival groups fighting for control of the sport and it was in the best interests of all local paintballers/businesses to work together for common goals. Even with this infrastructure, there is no guarantee that PBAS would be considered for NSA status and even less chance for funding even if it did become an NSA.

- Paintball safety standards were also discussed as the SSC were concerned that various businesses and paintball promoters would have different degrees of safety standard in place for paintball. The SSC agreed that it would be in the best interest of PBAS to implement a standardised  paintball safety accreditation scheme for players, fields and competitions.

- The issue of the current gun laws relating to paintball markers was also discussed. The SSC have no influence over the Singapore Police Force and suggested that the PBAS discuss matters directly with the SPF to see what can be done to work towards amending current laws pertaining to markers.

Our insights from our meeting with the SSC

- It was made clear that PBAS must organise ourselves properly. The SSC will only give advice on governance and constitution changes to NSA accredited associations. They did however commend the recommended changes to the PBAS constitution as a step in the right direction and stated that when approved by the Register of Societies, the new PBAS Constitution would be better than some of the constitutions of it's existing NSA's. However, PBAS's chances of receiving NSA status in the next 3 years was rated as slim.

- In informal conversations, PBAS highlighted the problem with bureaucratic red tape and the problems PBAS faces in trying to recommend to the SPF to amend current laws with regards to markers. We did highlight that the SPF would probably not entertain PBAS or look into the matter due to the fact that PBAS is not an NSA.

- SSC did agree that the PBAS proposals to form various sub-committees for research, stats, coaching/training, safety accreditation could only help our cause.

- The SSC did offer their support and guidance with any forms of development PBAS initiates but it was clear that PBAS must operate independently and spearhead it's own policies and programs in order to expand the sport of paintball in Singapore.

- PBAS must make contact with the SPF, Tourism Board, Schools, Commerce, sports related government agencies and corporate entities who may be able to assist in the development of paintball in Singapore. It is clear that the more PBAS can document through research, statistics, programs etc the more leverage PBAS will have to influence those in power for support and change.

What's next for PBAS

- We have called for suggested changes to the current PBAS constitution. Some of these suggestions will be added to the suggestions that the Interim Committee have already made. Once passed by the small number of existing PBAS members, the amendments will be presented to the Register of Societies for approval

 - Based on the suggestions given by the SSC, we will call for teams/squads, marshal groups, industry members etc to form separate clubs/societies/associations under PBAS. By-laws will be created so that a common standard of operation will be met by all clubs under PBAS.

- Once the PBAS Constitution amendments have been approved, the Executive Committee will work on establishing Sub-Committees to handle various aspects of paintball development and promotion in Singapore.

- It is hoped that over a 12-24 month period an overview of paintball development in Singapore can be documented, with case studies, safety studies, credible facts and figures and recommendations for change. This document we hope will help PBAS lobby for change.

How can you help?
To be brutally honest, as much as the local paintball community have asked for change, few have been committed to donating their time to make suggestions, help and co-operate with PBAS.

I know many do not have the skills to help with the documentation and research we require, but marshals, teams and players can help by forming clubs under PBAS, players can help assist PBAS in creating coaching programs, clinics, mentor programs, paintball businesses and promoters can help by working with PBAS to implement standardised safety accreditation/guidelines for fields, competitions and paintball in general.

PBAS will provide more detailed information on just how everyone can help once we have finalised official paperwork.

If you have any questions relating to our meeting with the Singapore Sports Council or wish to assist PBAS please contact me via PM or by email [email protected]

Grant Harrison
on behalf of the Paintball Association Singapore