Author Topic: Advice on what paintball gear to buy - New Players  (Read 1548 times)


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Advice on what paintball gear to buy - New Players
« on: 21 December 2010, 03:03:59 PM »
If you simply want to have a fun game with friends at the local paintball field you don't need to buy anything as the field will provide rental masks and equipment for you to use - just wear a long sleeve shirt and pants as they will help protect your arms and legs.

A few new players have asked for advice on what brand of gear and what type of gear to buy? There simply isn't an easy answer for this one because everyone has different tastes, different expectations and different budgets so here's some basic advice for new players looking to buy paintball gear on a budget.

A basic kit will consist of:
- Mask
- Pants
- Jersey
- Knee Pads
- Elbow Pads

Additional items you will need for tournament play will be:
- Harness - to hold pods
- Pods - to hold paint
- Soccer Boots - for more grip on grass
- Head Scarf or Headband > optional depending on how hard your head is
- Gloves > optional
(there are more items you may want to buy by the time you have got the basics you should have played enough paintball to know what else you may need)

1. Take your time. Do your research and make informed choices. Don't just blindly buy gear that you will not need or will not suit the type of paintball you plan to play. Ask around about the different brands as brands vary in price, quality and features. Go to the local shop and try stuff on. Check the forums for cheap second hand deals (sometimes deals on brand new items).

2. If you plan to form a team with your friends then discuss between yourselves whether you want to buy all the same gear (it does help that you can recognise your team mates on the field and you do look more professional if you all have the same branded pants + jerseys) Look for good deals, ask shops if there are group discounts for bulk buying gear.

3. Your mask is one of the most important items you will buy. Try them on or ask others at the field to try their mask on. Masks come in different shapes and sizes so find one that suits your head size and that you feel comfortable in. Ask other players what they think of their masks. Factors to worry about are does the mask protect your face and ears, can you breath properly, are the lenses anti-fog and easy to replace and is the brand durable?

4. Knee pads and elbow pads must fit properly. If they are too tight they will cut off circulation - too loose and they will slide down. These items are a must if you want to be a good paintballer. Just because you plan to play as a back player does not mean one day you will not end up having to jump into the snake when your front guy gets shot out. I have lost a lot of skin at RD not wearing elbow pads and knee pads.

5. Buy Pants and Jerseys that a oversized as you will need to allow for wearing other items underneath them like padding. Different brands have different cuts and sizing charts so check the websites for details.

6. Go to fields and play whether you have all the gear or not. At the end of the day it is not the gear that makes a good paintball player, it is your commitment to learning the sport and improving your paintball skills. If you don't have a team this is the one of the best ways of getting to know those in the local scene and showing them what you are made of.

7. Budget yourselves. It is no use buying all the most expensive gear and making yourself so broke you cannot afford to buy paint?? If you plan to get serious about tournament paintball expect to spend more than $2000++ in your first year of paintball including gear, training and tournament fees/paint.