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W T S PB n Non PB stuff
« on: 26 February 2011, 11:46:49 PM »

PB related:
Guerrilla Tank 68/4500 + myth 2 Reg 4 years leftSOLD to a nice bro
Tank 2010 pants size M Black 9/10
Proto 2009 pants size M Blue 5/10
Contract killer hybird jersey size XL 8/10
Valken crusade jersey size XL 9/10
Dye attack harness (can hold 11 pods) 6/10
Vforce grills black (lens retenting clips lost but can buy)
Dye I3 white new strap but no lens

Black Dye DM9 with virtue OLED board

Non PB related
I am selling
LED strips and bulbs, for household use and as components.
Car LED polelight, LED cabin light (which can be used in the boot).
LED rentals for events available too.

Please PM or call/sms 96852599 Charles for more details if interested.

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