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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Results of Red Dynasty Rookie Challenge

When it comes to paintball, passion rules over everything... 6 teams battled it out at the Red Dynasty Paintball Park Rookie Challenge despite a very heavy downpour and Team Outlaws emerged as the Champion team. Oh... mud included. Gunning underneath a fogging mask, diving into thick slabs of mud and shouting cross fields in the pouring rain were what 6 teams had to go through in an exciting Sunday morning. iScreamWar a newly formed team took the top spot with an all win record heading to the Semi Finals only to be beaten by ReaPers who adopted an offensive strategy against iScreamWar. iScreamWar had to settled for the 3rd position after edging out Team Hazardous in an exciting 3rd/4th match that could go either way. In the Finals, it was left with Team Outlaws and ReaPers to challenge for the Champion medal. With a group of experience coaching staff in the Outlaws team, the ReaPers was caught up with a shaky start but managed to gain a foothold into the game only to lose out with defensive lanes put up by Outlaws. "Dropping like flies" as paintballers like to call it, ReaPers was out-gunned by the smoking guns.

Meeting to the objectives of bridging Singapore teams and providing a competition platform for new local teams, The Rookie Challenge not only allow the teams to interact with one another off the field but also created a challenge for teams to improve and better themselves on the field. Another success story to the Singapore local scene as we head towards the Singapore Paintball Series which will be held in April! More information about the Singapore Paintball Series can be found in

Full results:

Champion - Team Outlaws
2nd - ReaPers
3rd - iScreamWar
4th - Team Hazardous

Other participating teams - Fluffy Rabbits, Contract Killers SG-Jr

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What Doesn't Kill Us Will Make Us Stronger