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.All About iScreamWar.
« on: 03 February 2011, 10:58:07 AM »
FIFTEEN DECEMBER TWENTY TEN Was The Very Fateful Night Where iScreamWar Came About....

How It Started

A Group Of Friends... More Like A Group Of Mutual Friends Of One Another That Came Together & Decide To Play Paintball After A Dinner Session at TONG SENG COFFEE SHOP Opposite Bugis Junction Followed By A Coffee Session At Starbucks Bugis Junction Talking Nonsense Stuffs And Eventually Came To PAINTBALL topic... After That, The Rest Is HISTORY!!

What Is In The Name

There Are A Few Interpretations Of The Name;
#1: Ice Cream War
#2: I Scream War
#3: Our Story

For #1 Story,
All Of The iScreamWar Players LOVE to eat ice cream though we have not involved/start an ice cream war before

For #2 Story,
Oh well.. Being in paintball field is like a war itself.. you don't wanna be taken out too soon, therefore it's a BATTLE.. it's a WAR!

For #3: The Our Story,
Like LOTSA Ice Cream Placed In A Big Bowl... Different Colours, Different Textures, Different Sizes That Is What iScreamWar Made Up.. With Different Characters, Different Personalities And Different Styles But All Can Come As One & Work As A One Solid Team! Our Differences Is The Team's Uniqueness... And That Is What iScreamWar Is All About!

Who Are The iScreamWar

Yatie aka Titok Batok (Captain)
Alisha aka Lish (Vice Captain)
Fidah aka Da.Fid
Nadrah aka SuperGrass
Ain aka RaiEn
Fahmie aka Mieemi
Zul aka Fadd
Hazim aka Zim

Our Team Name/Logo

Our Tagline

.What Doesn't Kill Us Will Make Us Stronger

How To Get Hold Of iScreamWar

Email To Us: [email protected]
Facebook Search Us: IScream War
(ps: we cant add you or anyone else cos iScreamWar have been issued a 30days friends request block!! However, you guys can just add us.. We'll DEFINITELY confirm you as our FRIENDS!)
Moving Forward....
We will be opening our FB's Group Page under the extreme sports so that anyone or everyone can go around LIKE-ing iScreamWar, ask questions/post discussions... However, the content wont be as GREAT & ALOT like iScreamWar's FB Profile.. If you wanna know in depth about the team & their upcoming events etc, what are you waiting for.... Go ahead and ADD iScreamWar as friends on Facebook!!
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