Author Topic: My Gear Bag - Write reviews and discuss the gear you own  (Read 1813 times)


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My Gear Bag - Write reviews and discuss the gear you own
« on: 12 January 2011, 11:34:40 AM »

Here's a little section that the more experienced paintballers. List the items your currently own or have owned a write a little review on how good/badthe item was. Hopefully new players can use this info to decide on what to buy.
Just remember paintball markers and arts are illegal in Singapore so do not try to order online or bring into Singapore. Those people that own markers have purchased them and keep them in Malaysia.

My first gear...
Keep in mind I play about 12 tournaments a year and train 2+ times a month and have done so for the past 2.5 years. Having gear that is durable, light for humid Asian conditions and with features that are useful is important to me. I'd rather be spending money to play than buying new gear every year because my old gear has fallen apart.

Invert Roller Bag
Bought this in October 2008 and still use it today. Has been beaten and abused and still keeps on going. Has 1 large compartment and 2 roomy end compartments, 1 side pockets long enough for squeegees, 1 medium side pocket for tools and a smaller side pocket for hand phones etc. Has an extendable handle and large roller wheels that will take a beating over stairs and mud and can be stood up vertically on it's end like standard roller bags. Size wise it fits all my gear for a tournament and you can easily fit two of these Invert bags in the boot of car with room for more items.

2008 Invert Pants
After being impulsive and buying Dye C8 pants online, I ended up with Invert Pants. The Dye C8 pants were great but more suited to a colder climate and quite bulky. The '08 Invert Pants were much lighter but still had knee and back support sections. They have plenty of adjustable waist straps and ankle straps to make them fit your body type, with standard zip pockets and squeegee pockets. I've worn these since Oct 2008 and they still probably have another year of tournaments and training left in them.

Empire E'Vent Goggles 2008 Model
Slim fitting, light, multiple thermal lens options, easy lens swap out, soft ear pieces, visor and brow shield extra pieces to protect your head and a great strap. Comes with goggle bag.  Most of our team use these and they fit all head shapes. Venting allows you to breath easily and communicate as well as helping prevent lens fogging. Field of vision is great. The slim profile may leave your neck/jaw area more open to paintball hits but if you worry about getting hit, you shouldn't be playing paintball.

Empire Contact 2009 Jersey
This jersey is the bomb. Dynasty used them and probably had a lot of input into their design. The arm padding is unbelievable and really helps with 'bounce' factor without adding weight. Also has shoulder padding and plenty of rubber badges to help keep your tank glued to your shoulder and harness in place when playing. Side venting panels help keep you cool. Have owned Proto, Dye and Angel jerseys and still think my Empire Contact is one of the best in terms of quality and features.

Invert Elbow pads 2008
These are almost at the end of the lifespan but have served me well. Form fitting with thumb holes and adjustable bicep straps, they stay in place and do a great job at protecting your elbows and forearms.

Eclipse Knee pads 2008
I had a pair of Invert Knee pads but as these didn't have adjustable straps I found that during games they had a tendency to slide down.  The Eclipse Knee pads have an upper and lower adjustable strap to tighten them so that they will fit all leg types. The knee protection is great. After 2 years the elastic on the adjustable straps is just about at the end of its life but I'll probably get another season out of them.

Invert Mini marker
We got these as part of a sponsorship package when we were sponsored by Kee Action Sports and Napshot. I still own this marker. As an intro eMarker it was great. Small, lightweight and easy to maintain, the Mini held its own against Egos and DM's. They may be small but even with my big hands I didn't find the size a problem. The fact that it doesn't have macro line hoses means that there are less parts that may fail and no hoses to get in the way. Swapping shooting hands with a mini is a breeze and they are great for the ladies. Believe it or not I have never changed an O-ring in the life of my mini and this seems to be the case with the other 4 minis we own. The Mini is also the easiest marker I have ever had to tech and can be completely dis-assembled and rebuilt in less than 20 minutes.

We own generation 2 Minis and they did have issues with an air transfer tube which was replaced for US$19. The boards are great in Semi Auto mode but a little bit painful to adjust to ramping mode and don't have PSP/Millennium modes so you have to manually adjust the settings via 2 buttons on the board. The plastic cover on the guage on the bottom line regulator tends to break or come off with a heavy beating but this also can be replaced fairly cheaply. The buttons on the boards can also break easily if you are too heavy handed but they are also pretty cheap to replace. The barrel is only a 12" cocker thread so most of us upgraded with 14" deathstix for better range and shooting performance.
Our team won big tournaments using the Mini so don't let its size or low price fool you.

I'll add more items to this post when I get some more time... add your gear bag reviews when you find time...