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Youtube Paintball Channels
« on: 12 January 2011, 01:06:41 AM »
Hi guys! Youtube has been a great source of entertainment and information and it's always easier to keep up to date if you have an account so you can subscribe to the user or channel. I have here a few youtube channels or users that you may want to subscribe to for all your paintball video needs. Feel free to add to the list. I'm sure there's more that I have missed. Enjoy!

Ansgear Paintball
Ansgear, one of the best online paintball superstore has a youtube channel for you to check out their product reviews. Very helpful if you intend to buy stuff from them.

Another great channel with product reviews. Oh, and they have an online store too!

This channel provides raw footage that can be used (with permission of course) for your video editing practice if you intend to make your own paintball videos. It's been quite awhile since they last updated but I've always found their clips to be very useful and well taken.

derderpaintball RECOMMENDED!!!
No stranger to the world of paintball. Derder has brought us many great videos from Soldiers of Misfortune, Progression, Dementia and not forgetting the Short Bus extras. This is their youtube channel. Check it for some clips of your local teams playing in World Cup Asia.

DXS(Draxxus) is a paintball company that has products ranging from playing gear to paintballs. Check their video and learn more about their Ecofill technology on eco-friendly paintball fills.

Anyone who plays paintball would know Dye. Makers of NT and DM series markers, their video channel gives insight into their technology and of course, showcase new stuff.

Grind paintball is an online magazine with very nicely written articles and insights from a player's view. This is their youtube channel.

Guerilla Air
This is the youtube channel from the makers of one of the most awesome paintball tanks.

This channel has not been updated for awhile but they do have nice videos.

Paintball TechPB RECOMMENDED!!!
TechPB is single-handedly one of the best and most informative site for anything to do with paintball. Noobs, woodsballers, speedballers; Mike gives a very detailed rundown on almost everything you need to know about paintball. Be it gears, starting your own team, what markers to buy, this video channel also has woodsball games that Mike records on a barrel cam.

Planet Eclipse ETV RECOMMENDED!!!
Ask any player and they will tell you that Planet Eclipse is without a doubt, one of the best paintball company there is. Not only does Planet Eclipse make great products (Ego and Geo series markers), their youtube channel has one of the best paintball videos on the internet. Very nicely edited and shot, the clips are also backed by some of best music chosen by the production team.

RAZA, makers of custom designed paintball jersey's youtube channel. Check out Todd Martinez in their product ads.

Social Paintball RECOMMENDED!!!
Social Paintball. They have the biggest collection of videos and they're always coming up with new ones. Almost every week, a new video will be uploaded and not only are they the most up-to-date channel on youtube, they also have one of the best editing and coverage on the biggest paintball events to the more obscure leagues. This is by far, my favorite paintball channel.

What can I say other than the fact that they have the best editing, best music and videos that make you wanna go out there and play paintball? Nothing. 'Cept for one: HHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Traumahead Sportz RECOMMENDED!!!
Traumahead Sportz is very much like Social Paintball. Some of the paintball games that they video includes commentary, which is pretty cool.

So there you have it. My list of youtube channels that you can subscribe to. Enjoy watching the videos. And I hope it keeps the fire burning in you.


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Re: Youtube Paintball Channels
« Reply #1 on: 12 January 2011, 02:13:45 PM »

Just found a new one - a lot of interviews in German but the video footage and production is great

Beastie Ballz