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Here's a list of paintball websites that I always visit to find out information about paintball, from news to how to fix equipment.

US based paintball website run by Mike, a self-confessed paintball junkie - well known for his YouTube video reviews but they also have a great forum section for all the info you need on paintball equipment

US based paintball forums. Also a good source of paintball information with some decent tech Q&A for markers.

The guys behind this US based site have been around paintball since the early days. The site has informative news, galleries and a history section. They also publish a monthly eMagazine which is a good read for both scenario and tournament players.

A Canadian website set up to help promote paintball news. Most of the news is direct 'cut and paste from press release documents but they do have probably the most news content of any global paintball site because of this editorial system.

Social Paintball
Better known for their paintball videos, Social Paintball also have video sharing facilities, blogs, photos, news and competitions.

While they may be the first worldwide paintball magazine, Facefull haven't published anything for many months. The owner also runs Sup'Airball and is involved in the Millennium Series Europe... but it still has some decent content and an eMagazine to check out so it's worth the visit.

A newcomer to the paintball online news business but they've quickly become the No 1. site to find out all news about the professional paintball scene (you know those guys that don't have pay to play paintball anymore)

Another newcomer to the paintball online news business, Ballers Cafe is run by some of the XSV team. It features paintball news and forums. It mainly deals with US West Coast tournament information but they do have some global content as well.

SPLAT Magazine
Another US based eMagazine. Has some decent articles but like most paintball magazines nowadays you have to watch out for articles slanted towards generating advertising dollars rather than being objective.

GRIND Magazine
US based eMagazine created by Pro paintball players - it's a good creative effort but the current format for displaying pages is a little on the slow side.

If you are really interested in how paintball markers work this is a site you should check out. While a little outdated it does have great info on tech for some old markers with some great engineering diagrams and information.

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