Author Topic: We've started a team - how do we get exposure?  (Read 1663 times)


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We've started a team - how do we get exposure?
« on: 07 January 2011, 03:11:59 PM »
An important part of running a team is being able to market the team.

Why? Because one day your team is going to want to try and get sponsors and media coverage.

The more effort you place on marketing your team, the better chances you will have with sponsors. All sponsors want to know that teams that they support are making an effort to promote the sponsor brands.

First off make sure you have a team logo. You may have friends who can design one for you for free. You'll also need photos of the team and you'll need to write a team bio listing the members of the team, your stats and your goals. All this can be used for marketing and will make your team look more professionally organised.

There are many basic/free tools teams can use for online marketing. It's a good idea to use as many as possible to increase your online presence and exposure, that way when someone does a search for your team name one of the items below should receive a decent search engine ranking:

Facebook - start a group or fan-page and fill it with photos, fans, members and info on the team
Twitter - start a team twitter page
Blogger - if you don't have the skills to start a website start a team blog, keep it updated regularly with news on the team
Website - for a few $ and a little technical knowledge you can create a team website
Forums - list your team in every paintball forum you can find, post info in the sports sections of social forums, make sure you ask someone to create a team forum signature that you can use

Once you have completed this stage, then you should discuss with the team your goals and whether you need sponsors. Remember paintball sponsors aren't going to give away free things. Normally you'll end up buying more product than most of you actually need so this is a decision not to be taken lightly - If you want sponsors send them emails with your team bio and be humble. Don't ask for anything. Just ask if they would be interested in helping to support your team. Having sponsors shows that companies believe in the team and are willing to support the team. It shows that the team are well organised and professional.


Whether you have sponsors or not, you should also be looking at trying to get some articles written about your team in either online paintball news sites or in standard newspapers or magazines. Whether you're announcing a new sponsor, or simply announcing that you plan to compete in an entire season of a paintball series, your press release needs an interesting topic so be creative but keep it simple.

Visit websites or get copies of newspapers/magazines to find out the email addresses of editors, writers or news desks. Try and write your PRESS RELEASE in Word to send as an attachment but also include a text version of the press release in the email body that you send. SPELL CHECK. Send personalised emails, don't send out mass emails to many addresses.

Good luck...