Author Topic: The importance of training drills  (Read 1353 times)


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The importance of training drills
« on: 05 January 2011, 10:37:23 PM »

Lack of commitment of players to training is the #1 downfall of almost every team in Singapore. So as a team, first make the commitment to each other that you will sacrifice time, money and energy to always working on and improving your individual skills and your team skills.

Some are natural gifted at sports, most of us are not. Either way no one ever gets better at any sport without first learning the basic fundamentals. Paintball is no different. Take notes from videos, get someone more experienced to give you tips, get a coach or ask senior players for help, do as many paintball clinics as you can, play and/or train with as many different teams as you can even if they are a lot better than you are. The tips you will get along the way will be invaluable.

Here are some of the basics paintball drills that my team try and work on at each training session (we have been doing this regularly for 2+ years now):
- breakout drills & laning drills
- marker handling left and right handed shooting
- hip sliding and superman sliding
- stance and positioning while shooting behind bunkers
- snap shooting
- running and gunning
- communication & teamwork drills (variations of 1vs2, 2vs2, 2vs3, 1vs4 etc)

Have a good work ethic during training, turn up on time, listen and ask questions and push yourselves to play harder, faster and longer. The more you practice the fundamentals, the more natural the movements and techniques will feel and the more comfortable you will be playing.
and making game winning moves...

If any of you ever need help, coaching or advice, I'm always available to help. Our team welcomes other teams that want to train with us or if your team wants us to help you with your training, don't be afraid to ask.