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PBNews Asia - Malaysia Woodsball League
« on: 16 July 2012, 04:33:37 AM »
Malaysia Woodsball League

The MWL Leg 3 was played last weekend at Paintball Valley in Malaysia. MWL is a format designed to cater to 3  different kinds of woodsball; milsim, tactical woodsballers, and Open.  These different division provide, 3 very different playing options  allowing players of distinct styles to play at their own level and  style. Each different category has its only rules and marker  restrictions, designed to create 3 distinct levels of play.
Here are the Leg 3 results
Open DivisionChampions: Unknown 2nd: Mad Bunnies 3rd: A.O.D 4th: Jp JockersTactical DivisionChampions: Unknown  2nd: Black Night 3rd: G.Rangers 4th: Perak Tactical Force
More information can be found at

Source: Malaysia Woodsball League