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WolfPack 2011
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To the WolfPack Singapore Team,
[Kendrick, Ryan, Ted, Kenneth, Justin, Keenes, WeiPeng, Karins]

2010 has been a good start for the Team. With the inauguration of the first training batch in July 2010, we never looked back! 2010 was the year we trained, and we trained hard. A big thank you to Frontline Airsoft for the support throughout. Although we did most of our trainings on an airsoft field, it has been a great platform for fundamemtal woodsball trainings. It was through hardwork, discipline and commitment which fostered our support for one another. The weekly trainings, rain or shine, the physical pain, the aches after training. They build character and most importantly, camaraderie amongst the players, even those of different age group.

Our first woodsball training was conducted at AOV Paintball in Johor in October, this was where practice was put into place and with amazing results. Getting over the elements and ground-conditioning was a big part of the initial training. Again, with incredible support from both the management and field crew from AOV, we were able to train and fully enjoyed each session.

Our focus in 2010 was firstly to establish a formal WolfPack Team in Singapore, gear the boys up and introduce MilSim woodsball skills. 2011 will see the same but with a twist, we will be more active in games, particularly in Malaysia and some Western Australia ones. The team is still young and will take committed players to excel. The aims for 2011 will be to further enhance our woodsball skills, develop potential leaders, participate in games and of course, promote Paintball as a sport in general.

As for team results, unfortunately, we did not take part in any games or competitions this year. However, on the training front, two of the boys completed their BASIC Woodsballtraining in Nov, in shear agony but with a proud patch to bear. It was tough, wet and mentally exhaustive. I thank you once again for your efforts. We are also fortunate have two outstanding team leaders who joined us in Nov, Sierra1 and Zulu1. They bring along with them strong influence, leadership and commiuncation skills which are invaluable to this young team.

I look forward to kick start 2011 with more exciting training and games. Each of us possesses unique skills in our own ways and it is the combination of these skills, coupled with our commitment, discipline and brotherhood which makes it all worthwhile. The challenge is not to put big trophies on the table but to develop strong character, good sportsmanship and respect for yourself and your opponents. These are the true trophies and they can only be achieved in our hearts and minds.

I thank you all for taking this journey with the team and let's make 2011 another fun, exciting and successful one!

WollfPack Singapore
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