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PBAS Update
« on: 14 May 2012, 11:41:45 AM »
Just an update on PBAS activities since the Vision2030 Forum - As some of you may know PBAS has been tied down by Govt. red tape with the Register of Societies in making changes to the PBAS constitution.

After submitting changes to the PBAS constitution last year for approval by ROS, we were asked to submit certified accounts for PBAS before they would process the changes to our constitution. Considering we have no funds or a bank account we realised no accountant could help us, so we went back to ROS to ask what could be done. They then told us we could submit a written declaration regarding our accounts, which we have done.

We have requested in writing to ROS asking how long they will take to process all our documents and besides an automated online reply 2/5/12, we are yet to formerly hear back from them.

This red tape is holding up our plan to start affiliating new clubs/teams/associations under PBAS, as discussed last year.
Item #6.    
For societies affiliated to another entity, the following is required:
- A copy of the affiliated body’s constitution
- A letter from the affiliated body supporting the registration of the society

As soon as we have the PBAS revised constitution approved by ROS we will make copies available to all interested clubs/teams who wish to formerly register under PBAS via the ROS system. This will be one of the many steps required to request for National Sports Association status.

We are also gathering questions for a public survey on sports/paintball to be conducted in Singapore. We hope to gather valuable stats on paintball awareness/activity and sports participation in Singapore. (The SSC were also supposed to have done a sports survey National Sports Participation Survey (NSPS) 2011 and I have asked the SSC for copies of this.)

Another project high on our priority list is writing a course outline and syllabus for the technical requirements for Paintball Coaching in Singapore. We hope that all senior paintballers with coaching experience can help create the syllabus. We have secured the services of a US Professional Paintball coach to help review the syllabus and to make suggestion where needed. We hope that in the future PBAS together with the SSC can offer a 3 stage NCAP paintball coaching course.

We strongly urge all those who want to see improvements to paintball development in Singapore to contribute to these projects. This means making suggestions, helping out with some of our projects like writing questions for the survey or suggestions for the coaching syllabus and getting others involved.

Thank you.