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Title: WolfPack Western Australia
Post by: Bravo1 on 30 December 2010, 09:26:48 AM
We are a bunch of guys/girls who are interested in recreational MilSim/BushBall. Our Aim is to promote both BushBall and Recreational MilSim/Scenario games in W.A.
Our training is focused on WASPPL, MilSim (TRAP/RAID) and Scenario games.


We have been conducting paintball SpecOps since 2007,our orignal homeground was at Wanneroo, however, in 2008, due to marker issues, we decided to move operations to Action Paintball WA. In 2009, due to space and night ops constraint and also to adapt to a more realisic terrain, we moved to DASH Paintball. To date, we have established presence and alliance with major WA Paintball Clubs ( DASH, WASP, Paintball Pursuit) to reach out to those who are keen to have fun in the bush. Our Team Motto is "Unity, Strength, Couragė"


WolfPack Western Australia
WolfPack Singapore