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Title: Isotonic and Energy Bars
Post by: D3tC0rD on 27 December 2010, 09:47:13 AM


2)Carbo load....Carbo load....Carbo load....

3) Isotonic....Isotonic......Isotonic

4)Liquid Energy bars.....Liquid Energy bars.....Liquid Energy bars.....

I can't say it enough........some of the players take it too easy during play that they forget Paintballing is classified as extreneous exercise.
(Not to mention the ankle slips and knees busted as a bonus)
treat every game as a mini extreme workout.

every game you need to be on the ball or you'll be out in the first 2 second.....and that sux.

So keep fit, keep hydrated, keep carbo loading.............age is not a factor, your fitness and your energy storage is.
BOB LONG is 50 and he is still paintballing!!!!

Peace out*

Blue,red,pink,white,yellow.........a rose is still a rose
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Title: Re: Isotonic and Energy Bars
Post by: dragonfly on 30 December 2010, 08:40:53 AM
Just to add on:

Have you ever had that throbbing headache after u had a session of paintball under the sun?
You drank lots of plain water with the intend of keeping yourself hydrated but are still having the throbbing headaches?

You are experiencing a low level of sodium in your body. As your body perspires, it looses salt. If you drink plain water, you are not replacing the salt as you continue perspiring. This further reduces the sodium level in your body.

That is where isotonic drinks come in. Drinks like 100 plus, Gatorade, h two o etc etc. These drinks will hydrate you and replace the sodium that you have lost through perspiring.

Noticed that now triathlons, marathons and extreme sport events now give out isotonic drinks instead of plain water? Yes... That's why.

Beware that in extreme cases of low sodium can lead to cardiac arrest. That is why you hear people dying after jogging.