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Title: Documentary of Omaha Vicious Debut Season in Pro PSP Series * INSPIRATIONAL *
Post by: houdini on 06 January 2011, 10:20:17 AM
ROOKIE YEAR is a 15-minute documentary short following the 2010 debut season of Omaha Vicious, a professional paintball team, who compete in the PSP Series.

The film is presented by, Artifact Video Series and Planet Eclipse.

Rookie Year is narrated by retired professional player and acclaimed commentator Matt Marshall. The filmed is produced by Disconnected Media, and features interviews with team members and game footage from the 2010 season.

Featured music [in order of appearance]

-Dorena-"From The Window Of My Room" (Intro/Outro)
-Samiam "My Convenience" (Phoenix)
-Goonies Never Say Die "When Middle 8s Migrate" (Chicago & MAO)
-DayTrader "Kill My Compass" (World Cup Match)