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Title: ONE on ONE
Post by: D3tC0rD on 02 January 2011, 09:36:49 PM
One of my favourite formats..........have you ever got in a situation where there is a tie breaker??Where there are gonna be a dead lock???where you are tied on aggregates??
Some teams chose one on ones as the deal breaker.
So you either dig in or you stalk and hunt.
Its is more tiring than a team game because you have to angle it right, you gonna dip for the cover and you gonna run run run to flak the other guy.
Its hard because with some mechanical markers you gotta get close.
Newbies enjoy one on one's ( as far back I remember) in a small speedball field,not in a big field.
One on one is good for response and reflex training. you are more aware of your surrounding.
Err no , we dun do ONe on one in woodsball....both end up digging in cause the camo is hard to detect.  :P
Title: Re: ONE on ONE
Post by: houdini on 05 January 2011, 10:56:54 AM
Yes 'one on one' drills are great for paintball training because when you really break down the game, you are normally battling one player at a time anyway... doing one on one drills helps you learn to find blind spots on the field, teaches you to adjust quickly to new angles + bunkers and teaches you to also use your senses to work out where the opponent is...